Kathleen Frantz


The Heart to Hands Movement


Life is Best Lead from the Heart!

As a single mother of two capable, loving adult children, in which I love deeply, combined with over 30 years of experience in the culinary and manufacturing world; a change lingered in the air. While many challenges were occurring in my professional world, a project I started a decade earlier began to resurface. Heart to Hands, a book focussed on community and easy steps to bring communities closer with simple ideas and stories that are impactful in our everyday lives. Little did I know where the following years would take me, but I went.
Once the book went to the publisher, I felt I need to do even more. To try to figure what direction the book and vision I saw for it required me to check in with the greater community. Having the broadest possible demographic was imperative to the overall understanding. A friend suggested the idea of rideshare in Chicago. I was hesitant at first, but I knew the funds couldn't hurt, and testing it out would be palatable. Off I went.
In just over a year, I interviewed over 5,000 people about community, self-empowerment, empowerment of others, and what it means to bring it together for optimal results. My experience deepened my love for humanity and the direction I believe we are heading in. My car came alive with laughter, heartfelt crying, and we even had several meditation sessions. I found speaking from the heart and living that space transcended most of all the conversations. Although I went in to learn more about where society stood on the subject matter of communities, I came out far richer than I went in.
Out of the experience arose a new program derived from input and discussions with our youth, tomorrow's future. I look forward to sharing more about this adventure and the places it takes myself, you, and the rest of the community. Sometimes I still go out and drive a day or two for a change of scenery. I continue to talk about the same subject some of the time, but I decided to switch it up a bit and ask a straightforward question. Much to my surprise, it has been quite impressive. Learn more here!

PS - The food is still there! I continue to work on expanding this life since I love cooking and people! After all, they go together like two peas in a pod. You can learn more here.

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